Full stack food tech.

We help you do you with easier-than-ever ordering options, data-driven marketing, and killer Features.


Maximize ordering potential via web or app and make it easy for your customers to get exactly what they want over and over again. Zero commissions ofc. You’re welcome.
Munchi ordering platform
Munchi delivery system


Offer a stunning delivery experience to your customers. You can outsource your delivery to our team of trained couriers, any third party delivery company or simply use our delivery system to handle deliveries in-house.


Yes people love to go out and pickup
their food too! Enable self pickup orders
for your customers and make sure you
make everyone happy!
Takeaway platform
QR code ordering system

Qr code ordering

It’s 2022! Let your hungry customers order direcltly from their table at your restaurant by scanning a QR code. Is easy and fun. In addition it will help your restaurant serve more people with less effort and increase sales. Boom!


We start with data. Then we use it to create brand loyalists with marketing that’s never boring – and always perfectly placed.
Restaurant data

Owned data

Let’s get this one outta the way: you own all your data. Period. Unlike with third-party, we make sure your data stays with you and that it’s actionable – it’s the foundation for any and all marketing.

Push campaigns

Communicate brand updates directly with your customers through the app, by email or via text message. Just like besties, right?
Marketing campaign builder
Social media

Social media

We help you create a strong brand presence on your social media channels with high quality and engaging content creation as well as attention grabbing brand campaigns.

Our top features.

Fast delivery
Qr ordering
Self pickup
Marketing tools
Campaign builder
Delivery software
Coupon & promo
Customer data
Campaign builder
Third party delivery
Loyalty wallet
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