Munchi and Wolt expanding collaboration

Mario Henningson
April 11, 2024
min read

We are happy to finally officially announce that we are expanding our collaboration with Wolt!

With this collaboration we are now able to offer a new feature: a direct sales channel with home delivery for a single monthly fee. With this new feature restaurants can gain new customers and grow their online sales.

In addition to providing restaurants with their own sales channel, we are now rolling out our multichannel Order and Menu Manager, which allows restaurants to accept all their online orders from different providers and manage all menus in one device. Wolt is the first provider integrated to our platform.

Having the restaurant's direct orders as well as Wolt orders in one device simplifies the order management significantly. Merchants can now take in more orders with their online store without having to complicate order management in the restaurant. Menus across all ordering platforms can also be edited in one place, which makes menu management much easier for restaurants. All of the deliveries will be powered by Wolt.

We are very excited to continue working together to bring restaurants new online ordering solutions, help them grow and ease their order management!

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