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Three Belly's Case Study

Aino Sainio
April 30, 2024
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Three Belly's Pizza began as a pop-up stall at a Christmas market in Helsinki, which later expanded into a successful summer kiosk. Quickly gained popularity led to the opening of their pizza restaurant in Töölö in November 2023. The name itself carries a sentimental touch, inspired by the founder's three daughters—each "belly" representing a cherished member of the family.

As you step into the pizzeria, you'll discover a warm and inviting atmosphere. With a passion for quality, the dough is prepared on-site using its special recipe, combined with the freshest ingredients. Every aspect, from the fluffy yet crunchy pizza base to the creamy mozzarella and tasty tomato sauce, captures the authentic essence of Neapolitan pizza-making.

"Munchi has helped us to increase online sales by around 15%. We are moving in the right direction; we are still new, and the word is spreading about where to get the best pizza in town." - Ryan, co-founder of Three Belly’s

In search of a comprehensive solution

Before partnering with Munchi, Three Belly's Pizza was searching for the right partner to provide an online store and manage online orders and delivery logistics efficiently.

“It was a good time to bump into each other with Munchi”

Three Belly's and Munchi began their partnership in February 2024, customizing features and services to perfectly meet Three Belly's specific needs.

“Munchi provides us with a comprehensive solution, offering an integrated online store to our website with commission-free takeaways and deliveries as well as integrated Wolt service. This means we no longer need to manage these aspects separately; instead, we have an additional sales channel that operates efficiently on its own.”

Integrating Munchi into the restaurant operation is quick and easy

The Munchi integration was completed in just one week, and shortly after, online orders started flowing in smoothly.

Ryan says, that they are happy to provide this option for their local and regular customers.

“Implementing this service through Munchi has been really simple, thanks to the dedicated team working behind the scenes. It's a hassle-free solution that operates smoothly”.

He highlights that it's essentially about opening a new sales channel without additional overhead costs, which has been a very positive experience overall.

About Munchi

Our mission is to empower local businesses through technology and innovation. We set out to build a company that helps restaurants make the most of their online presence.

Ready to thrive?

Are you a restaurant owner looking to boost your online sales and visibility? Join Three Belly's Pizza and numerous other successful restaurants by partnering with Munchi. Start today for free!

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